How is AI Being Used in Veterinary Medicine?

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Artificial intelligence, or AI, is an exciting technological development that will help us in many different areas of life. While you might associate it with robots, AI can actually provide valuable assistance, specifically in the veterinary sector. We take a look at how AI is being used in veterinary medicine to diagnose and treat animals…. Read more »

What will be the effects of the EU Referendum on the Veterinary Profession?

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The president of the British Veterinary Association (BVA), Sean Wensley, stated the result of June’s EU referendum will have ‘a significant impact on the veterinary profession, particularly in relation to regulation, education and workforce planning, but also in terms of animal welfare, research, surveillance, and animal movements’. Wensley asserted that, in the imminent negotiations, the voice of the… Read more »

Travelling with your pets

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Travelling with your pets – Passports, preparation and medical documentation The Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) allows your pets to travel abroad with you, without going into quarantine. The material passport itself comes in multiple forms. Sometimes it’s a pink A4 sheet, sometimes a small blue booklet. Whatever the format, the passport will contain the microchip… Read more »

May is Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month!

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 All over the UK, veterinary practices and schools are celebrating Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month (VNAM).   Past events have included sponsored skydives, pet health checks in local parks and open days in numerous practices, to promote awareness and understanding about this invaluable profession.   VNAM began as a single day of awareness in 2005, then grew to a… Read more »