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Veterinary Recruitment Specialist

SynergyVets is a dedicated Veterinary Recruitment Agency, with almost 30 years' collective experience supporting the Veterinary profession with locum and permanent personnel. We have developed tried and trusted relationships with an extensive network of Veterinary Practices throughout the UK, which enables us to offer an up-to-date online lists of Permanent/Locum Vet and Nurse roles.

Client or Candidate

All our clients and candidates are treated with the respect they deserve. We are well-aware that our reputation depends entirely on providing the best possible service, whether we are searching out appropriate jobs, minimising admin through our payroll system or offering advice to practices that have recruitment needs. As a result, you will find that we offer services that are tailored specifically to your requirements as an employer or job seeker. It is this level of dedication, passion and commitment that has seen us maintain our reputation at the forefront of Veterinary Recruitment.

A Transparent Service

Part of our appeal lies in the fact that our Recruitment services are entirely transparent. With no hidden charges or unexpected surprises to worry about, we provide a seamless bridge between those offering work and those seeking it. Whether you require a Permanent or Locum position, we have a range of options that are designed to make employment as simple as possible. In addition, because we have forged strong links with practices across the UK, we are able to suggest Veterinary positions in all areas of the Country.