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Tips for Writing Your Veterinary Nurse CV

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You may be well-versed in CV writing for part-time jobs or other employment, but veterinary nursing is a committed, high-responsibility career choice and your CV needs to reflect your dedication to pursuing this path. Here are our tips to help your veterinary nurse CV stand out from the crowd. Read the job description and tailor… Read more »

The Future of the Veterinary Profession

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One of the biggest challenges facing the veterinary profession is finding the balance between providing affordable healthcare to clients while fairly remunerating the veterinarians that deliver it. We delve into the emerging trends that have the potential to combat this challenge, as well as those trends that have a wider impact on the future of… Read more »

Challenges You Didn’t Expect as an Overseas Vet

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This post was written by Andreia Dias from UK VetMove. When you set foot in the UK and start working in clinical practice, everything can quickly become overwhelming and challenging for reasons you weren’t expecting. There are certain skills you need to develop to help you succeed that you may have been unaware about until… Read more »

Could A Ferret Be The Right Pet For You?

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It is no surprise that, over the last few years, ferrets have become one of the most popular household pets in the UK. Not only are they very cute to look at, ferrets have high levels of energy and are one of the most playful and inquisitive animals to have in your home. Over time,… Read more »

Becoming a Locum Vet

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Locum vets are those who are employed on a temporary basis while they stand in for absent employees who may be ill, on holiday or on maternity leave. They also provide additional support in areas that need it. Locum vets have been particularly important in times of animal health crisis, such as the swine flu… Read more »

What is a Veterinary Technician and is it the Right Role for You?

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What is a veterinary technician? The veterinary technician is the veterinary surgeon’s key assistant. They will be responsible for all of the technical support when your pet is having any kind of medical procedure. While they cannot be involved in actually performing surgery, prescribing medicines or making a diagnosis, they can be involved in all… Read more »

 Our Tips for Becoming an Equine Vet – Synergy Vets

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Equine vets are often in demand in the industry. We’ve put together some key things to consider if you’re thinking about becoming an equine vet.   There are a number of different paths you can choose once you’ve qualified as a veterinarian, and one of these includes an equine veterinarian career. Horses are large animals… Read more »

What A-Levels Do You Need to be A Vet?

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If you know that you want to be a vet in the future, it is important to make the academic choices that will increase your chance of success! If you’re about to choose your subjects and want to know which A-Levels you need to be a vet, hopefully this blog will help you make the… Read more »

What Qualities are Needed for Veterinary Nursing?

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A vet nurse career can be highly rewarding and it is a path that animal lovers should definitely consider. However, there are certain qualities and skills that are needed to thrive in this job and not everyone will be suited to the role. We’ve outlined some of the key qualities needed for veterinary nursing.  … Read more »