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What A-Levels Do You Need to be A Vet?

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If you know that you want to be a vet in the future, it is important to make the academic choices that will increase your chance of success! If you’re about to choose your subjects and want to know which A-Levels you need to be a vet, hopefully this blog will help you make the… Read more »

What Qualities are Needed for Veterinary Nursing?

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A vet nurse career can be highly rewarding and it is a path that animal lovers should definitely consider. However, there are certain qualities and skills that are needed to thrive in this job and not everyone will be suited to the role. We’ve outlined some of the key qualities needed for veterinary nursing.  … Read more »

Challenges in the Veterinary Profession

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  If you’ve been dreaming of becoming a vet, you might initially view the job through rose-tinted glasses. However, it’s important to be aware that you will face some challenges in the veterinary profession, both practically and emotionally. We’ve highlighted some key things to watch out for, and ways to overcome these challenges.   Handling… Read more »

Veterinary Specialist Career Options

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While many veterinary graduates follow a career working in a practice, some decide to become specialists, working in more specific areas than general practice. This can be a really rewarding career choice, particularly if you have a passion for a certain area of veterinary science. Below, we have outlined just some of the specialist veterinary… Read more »

What are the Current Issues in Veterinary Medicine?

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What’s the Future for the Veterinary Industry? You might believe that the veterinary industry is an area that will stay relatively stable over time. People continue to love their pets and, consequently, animal care is necessary. However, although vets will continue to play an essential role in our lives, the industry itself is facing some… Read more »

The Changing Attitudes Towards the Welfare of Animals

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How Has Animal Care Changed Over the Years? Animal care is a profession that is often associated with compassion and kindness, but there are many factors which have been responsible for its evolution. The British Veterinary Association recently published an Animal Welfare Strategy, demonstrating their commitment to welfare-driven animal care. In this blog post, we… Read more »

The life of a Student Vet Nurse

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Here at Synergy Vets, we like to talk all things veterinary.  We have been fortunate enough to chat to Laura, a Student veterinary nurse at Hartpury…     Check out a sample of her blog below, which can be found at     Back to school…. or Uni!   Hey guys! Today I’m going to talk… Read more »