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Want to know the best University for Vets?

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You’ve decided you want to study veterinary medicine – that’s a big leap. It’s your first step on the path to becoming a Vet. But what’s next? Education is a hugely important part of your chosen career path and you should put careful thought into where you’re going to apply to study. Which are the… Read more »

Interview Questions for a Veterinary Assistant

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Veterinary assistants perform a wide range of tasks in their role within a veterinary practice. This means that anyone recruiting will want to ensure not only that the prospective employee has all the right training, but that they are versatile, quick-thinking and reliable. The following veterinary assistant interview questions offer some guidelines on what you… Read more »

10 signs you need a career in Veterinary

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If you’re thinking about a career change or are starting off on a new path fresh out of university and unsure where to turn, have a glance at these ten signs. If they apply to you, you could be destined for a career in the Veterinary industry! 1. You’ve always had pets. Perhaps you’ve always… Read more »

Could you be a Veterinary Care Assistant?

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Many people who love caring for animals choose to become a Veterinary Care Assistant. You can study for a diploma to various levels, and there is specific qualification if you wish to become a Veterinary Care Assistant. There are some basic skills that all Veterinary Care Assistants need to demonstrate. They work in Animal Hospitals,… Read more »

It’s hibernation season!

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We know that searching for Jobs can make you want to crawl into bed and hibernate for 6 months like some lucky animals. With this in mind, we thought that this week we’d talk a bit about those household pets that do hibernate, as a little distraction. Some household pets, such as turtles, tortoises, bearded… Read more »

British Veterinary Zoological Society – New guidelines for wildlife care 2016

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The BVZS has issued new guidelines for professionals working in the rescue and rehabilitation of British wildlife. These guidelines aim to refine and clarify the laws surrounding wildlife care and assist those that work in the industry to exercise the best possible practice within their rescue and rehabilitation centres. The guidelines will help all those… Read more »

Attracting readers to your practice’s blog

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If you want to let your clients know what’s happening in your practice and keep them upto- date with news in the veterinary world, there’s no better way than to keep a regularly updated blog on your website. Even one a month is enough to bring readers to your page and keep them in the loop with what’s… Read more »